Daniel Christian Johnson
Sebastian Ciminski-Knille
Michael Gugel

A simple ship’s boy who dreams of someday being the captain of his own ship.


Ornella De Santis
Tiziana Turano
Janina Keppel

A mermaid with an enchanting singing voice, who would give her life to save Rulantica.


Ulrich Grawunder
Mario Verkerk

An authoritarian and unscrupulous captain. He stops at nothing to have the source of life in his possession.


Petr Gorbunov
Marina Gorbunova

A clumsy and playful octopus with telekinetic abilities.

Matrose Erik, Anders, Leif

Lukas Baßler
Michael Gugel
Mario Verkerk 
Nico Alesi 
Zsolt Hegyaljai 
Carlo Himmel 
Sebastian Ciminski-Knille 

Rough sailors, the crew of the Tre Kronor.


Elisabeth Schuller
Tiziana Turano
Janina Keppel

The leader of the Guardians of the source. A beautiful Amazon as well as a merciless warrior


Enrique Murgui Alvarez
Dustin Huesca

The cunning Nordic god who once created Rulantica.


Petro Boyko
Dustin Huesca

The mighty all-father of Norse mythology.


Elisabeth Schuller
Tiziana Turano
Janina Keppel

Odin's wife, who contrasts his anger with her gentle attitude.

Thomas Mack


The musical is a project straight from my heart. As an avid musician, it's a great feeling for me to see how a small idea becomes a passionate spectacle filled with visually stunning scenes and emotional music. It's always a goosebumps moment when you hear the melodies written by Hendrik Schwarzer and brought to life by the 60-member Symphony Orchestra from Berlin. With Rulantica - The Musical we want to take the whole family on a fascinating journey through time and have them experience emotional moments with our great actors. I am very proud that we are able to realise the second in-house musical production at the Europa-Park Teatro and inspire hundreds of visitors every day.

Mathias Reichle

Executive Producer

The musical is awesome. The grandiose music goes through my heart and although I've heard it many times during production, I still get goosebumps. I am glad that we’ve found such a great team. An absolute highlight.

Ulrich Grawunder

Director/ Acting Coach

I’m looking forward to getting to know the wonderful world of Rulantica with my fabulous team. This magical island is the sort of place where I would love to retire.

Jörg Ihle


"The great mythical Rulantica comes alive for the first time!"

Dominik Hochwald


Whether it’s cinema, theatre or musical: The power of storytelling is the same everywhere, so in Rulantica - The Musical, we want to tell nothing less than a huge, gripping story that both empathises and encourages.

Hendrik Schwarzer


You work on a piece for so many months, you work on details, you break passages, you make improvements, but in the end, the day comes when you must release the music and the piece into the world.’ That's the great thing about composing. Because you can only guess how a member of the audience will see Rulantica - The Musical for the first time in its entirety, then also how it feels and how it affects them. The tension lasts until the very end.

Jan Leopold


Rulantica - The Musical is sailor’s nostalgia disguised as a modern fairytale. I'm sure the visitors will be able to feel the uncompromising production quality.

Brigitta Kocsis

Organisation and Assistant Director

Great performers, outstanding sets, colourful costumes, and music that touches souls. I am very proud to be a part of this production.

Kati Farkas


A new production, new music, and a great story... I'm looking forward to the exciting tasks ahead with a great team!