It's all about love, adventure, temptation, and loyalty - ‘Rulantica - The Musical’ takes you on a journey to a mysterious island where good wrestles with evil and legends come true. The Europa-Park musical is the second in-house production of Europa-Park, but the first day time show.

Take a look behind the scenes and learn more about the exciting production of the second Europa-Park musical in our video.

In the Europa-Park Teatro in the Italian themed area, visitors are immersed in a mystical sea world where intrigue, solidarity, and the hunt for a magical source connect people and merfolk.

Impressive stage design combined with perfectly staged light compositions and elaborate costumes enchant the whole family.

Wonderful melodies, played by a 60-piece symphony orchestra from Berlin as well as top soloists from the world of musicals, will take the audience on a journey through time that both fascinates and transports them to another world. The expressive music of the Freiburg composer Hendrik Schwarzer once again provides an emotional delight.

"The orchestra was recorded separately. That is, the strings were recorded first, then the woodwinds, then the brass, then the solo vocals and then the choir singing. The individual recordings have allowed us to create better harmonisation."
Hendrik Schwarzer

"The creation of the musical is a dynamic process in which many experts from different fields interact. Every new piece is a great mountain to overcome. At times, it can be scary, because so many things have to be considered."
Ullrich Grawunder